Our Officers

Alex Campbell, President

Sandi Hatfield, Vice President

Micki Martin, Secretary

Glenn Clement, Treasurer

Our Mission Statement

Our purpose shall be to provide recreational activity and fellowship for our  members,

To Promote the exchange of information, compiling, recording and preserving historical data and locations.

To further the interest of our members in historical facts.

To assist when requested by law enforcement and the community at large , in the recovery of lost or misplaced metal articles or belongings.

To promote the hobby of metal detecting and to keep areas open to metal detecting

Code of Ethics

  1.   I will respect private property and will not trespass               without the land owner permission.
  2.  I will not destroy property, buildings, or what is left of ghost towns and deserted structures.
  3.  I will not litter, and will pack out what I take in and remove all trash dug in my search.
  4.  I will leave all gates and other access to land as found.
  5.  I will protect and appreciate our heritage of natural resources, wildlife, and private property.
  6 .  I will use thoughtfulness, consideration and courtesy at all times.
   7.   I will abide by all laws, ordinances or regulations that may govern my search and the area I will be in.
   8.   I will fill all holes, regardless how remote the location, and never dig in a way that will damage, be damaging  to, or kill any vegetation.

   9.  I  will report the discovery of items of significant historical value to a local historian or museum in accordance  with the latest legislation.                                                                                                                    10.  I will be an ambassador of the metal detecting hobby, Be polite and informative to those who inquire about  our hobby.

           We are the ambassador of a pastime we want to protect and we will be judged on how we react and respond.  

We promote recreational activity,fellowship and how to research site.

Opportunity to meet new friends and hunting partners.

Educational Presentations by guest speakers and club members.

Relic Hunting, Coin Shooting, Water Detecting, Privy Digging, Bottle Hunting, Dump Site Digging,

and Public Service Projects.

Members show  finds each month.

Group Hunts and Contests with prizes, Swap Meets, Parties and Dinners.

Knowledgeable members are available to help I.D. finds.

Join Us

Who we are

Tri-state Historical Research and Recovery Association, formerly known as The Buckeye Treasure Nuts and The Tri-State Treasure Hunters

Established in 1975

Founder and President Alex Campbell


Located at 4400 Asland Avenue  Norwood, Ohio 45212

Copyright © Tri-State Historical Research and Recovery Association. All rights reserved.

   Tri-State Historical Research and Recovery Association

What we Offer

Join us by attending a meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Norwood Christian Church, 4400 Ashland Avenue, Norwood, Ohio 45212.  Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. and last til 9:00 p.m.  

Membership dues are $25.00 per year.

We offer a special family discount of only $5.00 additional to include  spouses and children under 16.

 All Visitors are welcome   

​For Questions or additional information phone Sandi  (513) 290-5294